Site under construction… is proud to annouce that its Cardano stake pool has be launched successfully. We start small (with what we have) but make the following commitments to our stakers: 

  • We will always own a single pool (we believe in Cardano’s mission and support it)
  • The fees will remain low (fixed at 2.50% forever)
  • To reward our stakers for their loyalty, we will reinvest 25% of the rewards into the pool every quarter (excl. operating costs, currently fixed at 340ADA), thus increasing the chance of creating more blocks and everyone’s reward
  • 5% of the rewards will be donated to a charity related to education, environment or human rights every quarter (excl. operating costs)

Pool info

  • Pool name [ticker]:
    versorium [VRSM] (see on
  • Pool ID:


For the future

We plan to offer a range of services from Cardano pool setup and operations (not ownership) to machine learning services. Feel free to keep in touch at: